What is the scope of such short term planning?

Short term planning commences with demand planning and extends to its attendant impact on supply chain and financial planning. We at EDAPT assist the Marketing and Finance functions to provide them with the methods and software solutions to deliver, on an ongoing basis, all 1 to 12 months ahead demand plans which:

1. Drive all other subsequent plans and the supply chain.

2. Yield cash flow projections, at the company level, as well as SKU & intermediate levels.

3. Enable ongoing re-planning, a fact of life in most corporations. This is made easy and accurate by our supporting software, developed in a relational database system, which has capabilities to:

  • Import and leverage data residing in ERP's and other transaction systems.
  • Incorporate complex demand modeling with attendant impact analysis (including financials), in a simple, intuitive and user-friendly manner..Simulate (what-if) and implement corrective action.