Data Organization and Data Management

Hierarchies - For a meaningful corporate planning system, the company needs to be organized in hierarchical structures with respect to its products (SKUís) and markets (or distribution channels), e.g.

A Product Hierarchy

A Market (Distribution) Hierarchy

Tactical planning (as opposed to strategic planning) is almost entirely carried out at the grassroots level, namely at the SKU level for products and the lowest distribution channel element (for demand planning). These consolidate to provide macro plans. Macro targets are to be allocated in a top-bottom across the lower hierarchy segments.

ABC Analysis of Plans - Independent of the above business hierarchical structures, an ABC hierarchy is important to see the consolidated result of planning decisions. The percentage definitions of ABC (or AB) should be flexible, and should be provided by the applied software.

Data Ė The planning system must provide access to past data as per the defined hierarchies, and should be able to store data on plans for the various elements of the hierarchy.