Multi Disciplinary Management Team: Raman Suri, Economist and CEO Gautam Nath, Finance & BPR
  Pravir Ganguly, Business Analysis Josef Baum, Statistics

Pioneering planning for the short term
- We have done pioneer work in the field of business planning for the immediate future
(1-12 months), developing both a methodology and technology for this purpose.

Our output - We assist businesses in developing a comprehensive planning system enabling them to keep an early watch on emerging unfavourable business situations like stock-outs, excessive inventories/cash-flow, low profitability products, incorrect product mix etc. It is of particular relevance to companies that source their merchandize from distanced factories.

Uniqueness of our work - Our work has been unique insofar it enables detailed financial planning at grassroots level, which lets the top management review (and correct) the consolidated impact of managerial decisions before implementation.

Our Work - We are:

  • Facilitators We channelize in-house experience and business understanding to develop a formal planning concept.
  • Implementers - By marrying this understanding with our expertise in statistics, forecasting, business analysis and IT, to yield a platform where managers can focus their energies on thinking and planning business, rather than struggling with inadequate IT tools, complex calculations and data management.

Our Minimum Risk Approach Our work comprises of 3 sequential phases, with a tangible output after each stage. The client can, if desired, abort the project after each stage and seek alternative solution(s).

  1. Studying the problem: Preparing a report on all corporate planning requirements/issues, and proposing a solution (business processes, statistical application & leveraging IT, including cost-benefit analysis). 7-10 days
  2. Solution demonstration - Demonstrating a full software solution with (sample) live data. 3-7 days.
  3. Implementation Only after full satisfaction of the functionality, is the IT solution implemented. 2-3 weeks.

Our clients - Our clients are medium to large size companies (see case studies)