Unlike in most other sciences, research and technology develops in laboratories or academia, and then is applied in the commercial world. In management, new concepts emerge in the commercial world, from where they are distilled into academics. The management changes of globalization hover around the issues of "Supply Chain Management" are yet to be fully absorbed in business schools.

These globalized supply chain issues have arisen because of distanced and multiple sources of supply, longer lead times and the need for higher inventories and forecasting.

This course focus on the needs of businesses to make decisions based on without going into abstract theory. Emphasis of the course is practical rather than theoretical, though minimum theory is covered. The courses are well illustrated with case studies and real life examples.

Methodology Lecture, workshop, interactive-discussions of prototype situations, and team/individual exercises.

Who should attend The training courses are intended for those business professionals who want to have a basic grasp of business concepts related to globalization. It is intended for those who do not have the time or facility to attend a longer business school course.

Prior knowledge of globalized supply chains is neither assumed nor required.

Courses are customized for each audience, with the following elements, for 3-15 participants. There is also the option of doing each element separately.

  1. Globalization: Key elements and business opportunities of globalization
  2. Global Sales & Marketing: How to tap global markets opportunities
  3. Forecasting: How to forecast, and its increasing importance because globalization
  4. Supply Chain: Challenges and issues of supplying to international demand
  5. Pricing: Pricing strategies across international borders
  6. International standards: Importance of ISO 9000, BPR, TQM

Outcome - With this high-powered course, the participant will gain an understanding of the key business concepts related to globalization.

  • Appreciate the power of the a global market
  • Understand what it takes to be a part of this global (and not only local) market
  • Establish the skills which need to be enhanced for a global

At the end of this course, the participants will have an understanding of the latest business concepts related to globalization, their logic, application, utility and relevance.